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Spanish moss a rootless plant of gray threadlike stems that hang in long matted clusters in certain trees in the southeastern United States and tropical America.
Spanish omelet an omelet that encloses or is topped by a thick mixture of chopped tomatoes, onions, and peppers.
Spanish rice a dish, sometimes baked, that is made of boiled rice mixed with chopped tomatoes, onions, and peppers.
spank1 to strike (someone, usu. a child) with the open hand or a paddle, esp. on the buttocks, for punishment. [2 definitions]
spank2 to move briskly, quickly, or vigorously.
spanker a person who spanks. [2 definitions]
spanking an instance of punishing a child by slapping or paddling the buttocks. [4 definitions]
Spar a female member of the U.S. Coast Guard (acronym for "semper paratus", the Guard's motto).
spar1 a strong pole, esp. one that supports sails on a ship, such as the mast, boom, gaff, or yard. [3 definitions]
spar2 to make boxing movements without hitting hard, as for practice or in fun. [5 definitions]
spar3 any of a number of shiny or somewhat lustrous crystalline minerals (often used in combination).
spare to handle gently or leniently. [14 definitions]
spareable combined form of spare.
spareribs a cut of pork that contains ribs and only a little meat.
sparid any of various fishes of a tropical and subtropical family that includes the porgies.
sparing careful or restrained, as in the use of money or goods; frugal; thrifty (often fol. by "in" or "of"). [3 definitions]
spark a fiery or brightly glowing particle thrown off by burning wood. [8 definitions]
spark chamber any of several devices using a great number of parallel, oppositely charged metal plates in an inert gas to detect subatomic particles, rays, or the like, which make trails of sparks between the plates.
spark gap a space between two electrodes in which an electrical discharge, or spark discharge, may occur.
sparkle to throw off or reflect little flashes or gleams of light; glitter. [9 definitions]
sparkler a person or thing that sparkles. [3 definitions]