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spat3 (often pl.) a short cloth or leather covering worn over the top of the shoe and around the ankle, and usu. fastened with a strap under the shoe; gaiter.
spat4 a young oyster or other shellfish.
spate a sudden rush, outpouring, or flood. [2 definitions]
spathe a leaflike structure, often large and colorful, that surrounds or spreads out from the spadix or flower spike of certain plants.
spatial of, relating to, or occurring in space.
spatter to scatter (a liquid) in small bits, drops, or splashes. [7 definitions]
spatterdash a long legging or gaiter, formerly worn by men in wet weather to protect their trouser legs and stockings.
spatula a cooking utensil or tool that has a wide, flat, usu. flexible blade, used esp. for spreading, mixing, or lifting.
spatulate flattened and rounded at or near the extreme end.
spavin a disease affecting the hock joint of horses, characterized by swelling caused by excess fluid or bony growth. [2 definitions]
spavined afflicted by spavin. [2 definitions]
spawn the mass of eggs deposited by fish, frogs, or other aquatic animals. [8 definitions]
spay to remove the ovaries from (a female animal).
SPCA abbreviation of "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals."
speak to utter words in one's usual voice; talk. [8 definitions]
speakable combined form of speak.
speakeasy a bar or nightclub where alcoholic drinks are sold illegally, as during Prohibition in the United States.
speaker one who speaks. [4 definitions]
Speaker of the House the leader of the U.S. House of Representatives.
speaking the act of uttering words or communicating vocally. [4 definitions]
speaking in tongues an ecstatic utterance of largely unintelligible speechlike sounds that is viewed, esp. among Pentecostal groups, as a manifestation of profound religious experience; gift of tongues; glossolalia.