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speak up to talk louder.
spear1 a weapon with a long wooden shaft and a sharp pointed tip, usu. thrown or thrust overhand, and used in warfare, hunting, or fishing. [5 definitions]
spear2 a pointed sprout or shoot of a plant.
spearhead the pointed, usu. metal head of a spear. [3 definitions]
spearman a warrior who is armed with, or a man who uses, a spear.
spearmint a common cultivated mint that yields an aromatic oil used for flavoring, as in candy and chewing gum.
spec.1 abbreviation of "specification."
spec.2 abbreviation of "speculation."
special having a distinct or singular character that makes something distinguishable from other members of the same category. [9 definitions]
special delivery a postal service that guarantees, for a fee, the delivery of a piece of mail by messenger.
special education educational programs that are modified to meet the needs of slow learners, handicapped students, exceptionally gifted students, and the like.
special effects the technical effects of a film or videotape that create visual or auditory illusions.
specialist a person who pursues a single interest or area of study. [3 definitions]
specialization the act of making something specialized or the process of becoming specialized. [3 definitions]
specialize to devote one's attentions to a specific pursuit or field of study. [4 definitions]
special needs any additional or alternative educational needs that can accompany disabilities, esp. of young people in a school system.
special-needs having additional or different educational needs from the majority because of a disability.
specialty the condition of being special. [6 definitions]
speciation the evolutionary process through which new species develop.
specie money in coin form; coin.
species in biology, the most fundamental classification of living things, comprising individuals that can breed with one another but not with those of other species; subdivision of a genus. [3 definitions]