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speculum a medical instrument that can be opened after insertion, used to dilate a passage or cavity so that it can be examined. [3 definitions]
sped a past tense and past participle of speed.
speech the faculty of communicating by speaking, or the act of speaking. [7 definitions]
speech clinic a facility where people with speech defects are treated.
speechify to make a speech, esp. one that is too long or too obviously a harangue.
speechless unable to speak because of exhaustion, surprise, astonishment, or great emotion. [2 definitions]
speech therapy treatment of speech and language disorders of either physical or cognitive origins.
speed the act of moving or ability to move rapidly or swiftly; quickness; swiftness. [11 definitions]
speedball (slang) a mixture of cocaine and heroin or morphine, usu. injected. [2 definitions]
speedboat a high-speed motorboat.
speed bump a raised concrete or asphalt ridge, as in a parking lot, to discourage speeding.
speed limit the highest legal driving speed in a state or region, or on a particular road or portion of a road.
speedometer an instrument that measures the speed of a moving vehicle. [2 definitions]
speed skate an ice skate with a particularly long blade, used in racing. [2 definitions]
speed skating a competitive ice-skating sport, in which skaters wear speed skates and race, usu. around an oval track.
speedster (informal) a very fast driver or vehicle; speeder. [2 definitions]
speed trap a stretch of road where police officers and radar devices are concealed in order to catch speeders.
speed-up an increase in speed; acceleration. [2 definitions]
speed up to go or cause to go faster.
speedway a race track for automobiles and motorcycles. [2 definitions]
speedwell any of various wild plants, bushes, or small trees that bear clusters of short-lived blue flowers.