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spending the money spent by an individual or organization, or the manner in which it is spent.
spending money cash for small personal expenses.
spendthrift one who is extravagant or wasteful with money; squanderer. [2 definitions]
spent past tense and past participle of spend. [3 definitions]
-sperm seed.
sperm1 a male animal's reproductive cell; spermatozoon. [2 definitions]
sperm2 a white waxy solid obtained from the oil of the sperm whale's head, and used in cosmetics, ointments, and candles; spermaceti. [2 definitions]
spermaceti a white waxy substance obtained from oil in the head of a sperm whale, used in candles, cosmetics, and ointments.
-spermal see -spermous.
spermatic of, pertaining to, or like sperm or sperm cells; seminal. [2 definitions]
spermato- seed; sperm.
spermatophore a compact mass of spermatozoa produced by males of certain animal species, such as salamanders and arthropods, that is transferred to the female during mating.
spermatophyte any plant that bears seeds.
spermatozoon an animal's mature male reproductive cell, usu. propelled by a moving tail.
sperm oil a lubricating oil that is obtained from sperm whales.
-spermous having (such or so many) seeds; -spermal.
sperm whale a large, toothed whale with a huge, squarish head from which sperm oil and spermaceti are obtained.
spew to spurt out (food brought up from the stomach); vomit. [5 definitions]
sphagnum any of several related soft, pale mosses obtained chiefly from bogs as peat, and often used for potting plants.
sphalerite an ore, usu. brown, from which zinc is extracted; zinc sulfide.
sphenoid of or relating to the sphenoid bone. [3 definitions]