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spiel (informal) a usu. rehearsed talk or speech that is used to sell, persuade, or amuse.
spigot a device used to regulate the flow of liquid from a pipe or other opening; tap; faucet. [2 definitions]
spike1 an object similar in appearance and function to a nail, but longer and thicker, used to fasten or secure heavy timbers, railroad tracks, or the like. [9 definitions]
spike2 an ear of grain such as wheat. [2 definitions]
spike lavender an aromatic plant of southern Europe that bears pale purple flowers and yields an oil used in painting.
spikelet a small spike, esp. a secondary, flower-bearing spike in grasses.
spikenard an aromatic plant, native to East India, that bears purplish flowers. [3 definitions]
spiky resembling a spike or spikes; long and sharp-pointed. [2 definitions]
spile a wooden peg or plug, esp. one used as a spigot in a barrel. [4 definitions]
spill1 to cause or allow (a liquid or small particles or objects) to flow or fall from a container, esp. unintentionally. [9 definitions]
spill2 a thin piece of wood or twist of paper used to light a flame. [2 definitions]
spill-proof designed to prevent spilling, as a cup or jug.
spill the beans to inadvertently or purposely disclose a secret.
spillway a channel through which overflow can escape, as of water from a reservoir.
spin to draw out, twist, and wind (fibers), or to make (thread or yarn) by this process. [15 definitions]
spina bifida a congenital defect in which part of the spinal cord protrudes from the spinal column, often resulting in severe neurological disorders.
spinach a leafy green plant widely cultivated as a vegetable.
spinal of, pertaining to, affecting, or near the spine or spinal cord. [3 definitions]
spinal anesthesia partial or complete anesthesia produced by injecting an anesthetic directly into the spinal cord.
spinal column in vertebrate animals, the row of vertebrae linked together to form the axis of the skeleton and protect the spinal cord; spine; backbone.
spinal cord the thick cord of nerve tissue that extends through the inner canal of the spinal column from the base of the brain to the end of the spine of any vertebrate animal.