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sprite a small supernatural being; fairy, elf, or goblin. [2 definitions]
spritsail a sail that is extended by a sprit.
sprocket a wheel with toothlike points that fit into the links of a chain, as on a bicycle.
sprout to start to grow, as a shoot or bud. [6 definitions]
spruce1 any of various evergreen trees that have short, densely growing, needlelike leaves and bear hanging cones. [2 definitions]
spruce2 neat, stylish, or smartly dressed or groomed. [2 definitions]
sprung a past tense and past participle of spring.
spry agile and briskly energetic in motion; nimble.
spud a tool with a narrow spadelike head for digging up weeds or roots, or a similar tool for cutting holes in ice. [3 definitions]
spume foam or froth. [2 definitions]
spumoni an Italian ice cream that contains chopped nuts and fruits and sometimes has layers of different colors and flavors.
spun past tense and past participle of spin. [2 definitions]
spun glass very thin fibers or threads of glass, used in a variety of products; fiberglass.
spunk courage, spirit, or determination. [2 definitions]
spunky courageous, spirited, or determined.
spur a device attached to a rider's boot heel that has a spike or toothed wheel and is used to urge the horse forward. [7 definitions]
spurge any of various mostly tropical plants that have bitter milky juice and bear small flowers without petals.
spur gear a gear wheel with teeth that are cut parallel to the axis of rotation.
spurious not genuine, authentic, or valid; false.
spurn to reject, refuse, or treat with scorn; disdain; despise. [3 definitions]
spurred having or wearing spurs.