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stampede the sudden, hurried, panicked mass movement of a large group of animals, esp. horses or cattle. [6 definitions]
stamping ground (informal) a regular gathering place.
stampless combined form of stamp.
stance the physical position of the body, esp. while standing. [2 definitions]
stanch1 to cause (a liquid, esp. blood) to stop flowing. [3 definitions]
stanch2 a variant of staunch2.
stanchion a vertical post or the like used for support. [4 definitions]
stand to assume or maintain an erect position of the body while having one's weight on one's feet (often fol. by "up"). [25 definitions]
stand a chance to have a possibility of succeeding or surviving.
standard something that is considered to be a model for measurement or comparison or serve as an accepted authority. [8 definitions]
standard-bearer someone who serves as the chief representative of an organization such as a political party. [2 definitions]
standardbred (often cap.) one of an American breed of horses developed from the Thoroughbred for use in harness racing.
standard deviation a statistical measure of how widely the individual items in a distribution differ from the mean.
standard gauge a standard width of 56.5 inches or 43.5 centimeters between the rails of a railroad track. (Cf. broad gauge, narrow gauge.) [2 definitions]
standardize to cause to conform to a standard. [2 definitions]
standardless combined form of standard.
standard of living the level of necessities and comforts of daily life that is available to and affordable by a nation, group, or individual.
standard time the time officially designated in any of the world's twenty-four time zones, which is based for the most part on that zone's distance from the Greenwich meridian.
standby a person or thing that is always ready or available. [3 definitions]
standee one who stands, esp. because there are no empty seats, as in an auditorium or on a bus.
stand for to symbolize or represent. [2 definitions]