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stanza a group of related lines in a poem that are separated typographically from other similar groups and that often have a regular meter and rhyme scheme.
stapes the innermost of three tiny bones found in the middle ear of mammals; stirrup. (See incus, malleus.)
staph staphylococcus.
staphylococcus any of various spherical bacteria that occur in clusters and can cause boils, abscesses, and other infections in humans.
staple1 a short, thin, U-shaped piece of stiff wire designed to be pushed through several sheets of paper or the like and then bent inward to serve as a fastener. [3 definitions]
staple2 a food that is considered essential, such as sugar or flour. [7 definitions]
staple crop one of a region's most important crops, typically constituting a major portion of the region's diet.
staple gun a tool that shoots a staple into something hard like a wall or wood.
stapler a tool in a home or office that uses staples to attach papers together.
star any of a vast number of celestial bodies other than the moon visible from earth as points of light in the night sky. [11 definitions]
starboard the right-hand side of a ship or aircraft when facing forward. (Cf. port2.) [3 definitions]
starch an edible carbohydrate found in grains, potatoes, and many other foods. [3 definitions]
Star Chamber a former English tribunal, composed of royal councillors, that became notorious for its secret sessions, arbitrary judgments, and severe punishments. [2 definitions]
starchy of, like, or containing starch. [3 definitions]
star-crossed destined to suffer an unhappy end; ill-fated; unlucky.
stardom the status of a star or celebrity. [2 definitions]
stare to look at in a fixed and intense way, usu. with one's eyes open wide. [3 definitions]
stare down to intimidate by staring at.
stare one in the face to be clearly obvious or impending.
starfish any of various sea animals that have spiny calcified bodies usu. composed of five or more arms protruding radially from the center.
stargaze to look at or study the stars. [2 definitions]