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starchy of, like, or containing starch. [3 definitions]
star-crossed destined to suffer an unhappy end; ill-fated; unlucky.
stardom the status of a star or celebrity. [2 definitions]
stare to look at in a fixed and intense way, usu. with one's eyes open wide. [3 definitions]
stare down to intimidate by staring at.
stare one in the face to be clearly obvious or impending.
starfish any of various sea animals that have spiny calcified bodies usu. composed of five or more arms protruding radially from the center.
stargaze to look at or study the stars. [2 definitions]
stargazer an astronomer or astrologer, or anyone who studies the stars. [3 definitions]
stark in all respects; total; extreme. [4 definitions]
stark-naked completely nude.
starless combined form of star.
starlet a young and beautiful actress, esp. of films.
starlight the light of the stars.
starling any of various European passerine birds, often with dark, shiny feathers, one species of which is now widely established in the United States.
starlit lit by light from the stars.
star-nosed mole a mole of eastern North America that has a starlike ring of slender fleshy growths encircling its nose.
Star of David a six-sided star composed of two interlaced equilateral triangles, long symbolic of Judaism and now the official symbol of the state of Israel.
star route a postal route between stations, given to a private carrier on contract.
starry abounding with or lighted by stars. [3 definitions]
starry-eyed with the eyes shining or sparkling like stars, as in happiness or wonder. [2 definitions]