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stillbirth a birth in which the child or fetus is born dead. [2 definitions]
stillborn born dead. [2 definitions]
still life the small objects, such as fruit, flowers, and bottles, that are used as subjects for a painting or photograph. [2 definitions]
stillness absence of sound or motion.
Stillson wrench trademark for a wrench having a pivoted jaw, affixed to the handle, that tightens around the object it holds as pressure is applied to the handle.
stilly in a quiet manner; silently; quietly.
stilt either of two long, slender poles with footrests that enable the user to walk elevated above the ground. [3 definitions]
stilted artificially or stiffly formal; pompous; affected.
Stilton a waxy, white cheese with veins of bluish mold and a wrinkled rind.
stimulant something that temporarily arouses or speeds up a physical or mental activity or process. [3 definitions]
stimulate to incite or rouse to activity, action, or increased action. [2 definitions]
stimulation the act or process of inciting or increasing activity or action in something.
stimulus something that rouses or accelerates action, feeling, or thought. [2 definitions]
stimy variant of stymie.
sting to prick, pierce, or wound with a stinger. [9 definitions]
stinger one that stings. [3 definitions]
stingless combined form of sting.
stingray any of a variety of rays having a long whiplike tail on which is a venomous spine that can inflict severe wounds.
stingy spending or giving grudgingly or as little as possible; miserly. [2 definitions]
stink to emit or exude a strong and offensive odor. [6 definitions]
stink bomb a small bomb that gives off an offensive odor on exploding.