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stipulate to specify or arrange as a condition of an agreement. [3 definitions]
stipulation the act of stipulating. [2 definitions]
stipule either of a pair of small, leaflike parts at the base of a leaf in plants such as the bean, pea, or rose.
stir1 to agitate or mix (a liquid) by making circular motions with a hand or object. [10 definitions]
stir2 (slang) prison.
stir-fry to cook (thinly sliced or diced vegetables, meat, or fish) in a small amount of oil over high heat while stirring constantly.
Stirling engine an external-combustion engine in which the fuel ignited outside the cylinder releases heat that is transferred into the cylinder to a pressurized gas, which moves the pistons.
stirring rousing; moving. [2 definitions]
stirrup a flat-bottomed loop or ring of metal, wood, or leather hung from each side of a saddle and used to support the rider's foot in mounting and riding. [2 definitions]
stirrup bone one of the three bones of the middle ear; stapes.
stirrup cup a farewell drink, esp. for a mounted rider about to depart.
stir up to cause excitement or agitation in (a person or group); ignite. [2 definitions]
stitch one movement of a threaded needle through cloth or other material being sewn. [7 definitions]
stitchery any sort of needlework, or the art of producing it.
St. John's the capital of Antigua and Barbuda.
stoat the European ermine, esp. when in its brown summer coat.
stochastic of, or arising from chance or probability. [2 definitions]
stock a supply available for use; store. [17 definitions]
stockade a barrier for defense that is made of upright stakes or timbers. [3 definitions]
stockbroker an agent who buys and sells stocks and shares on behalf of others.
stock car a standard model of automobile modified for racing. [2 definitions]