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stockbroker an agent who buys and sells stocks and shares on behalf of others.
stock car a standard model of automobile modified for racing. [2 definitions]
stock company a corporation whose capital is divided into shares of stock. [2 definitions]
stock exchange a place where stocks and other securities are bought and sold. [2 definitions]
stockfish fish, such as cod or haddock, cured by being split and hung in the air to dry without salt.
stockholder one who owns stock in a corporation.
Stockholm the capital of Sweden.
stockinette a type of machine-knit elastic fabric used for close-fitting garments such as underwear. [2 definitions]
stocking a close-fitting knit covering for the foot and some part of the leg, often transparent or very sheer.
stocking cap a long, knitted winter cap, usu. with a tassel or pompom at the end.
stock in trade one or more resources, methods, or customary operations specific to a person or group. [2 definitions]
stock keeping unit a number that is given to a specific product in a store. The number is on a small label on the product. People use stock keeping units to keep track of inventory.
stockman a man who owns or raises livestock. [2 definitions]
stock market a market where stocks and bonds are bought and sold; stock exchange. [3 definitions]
stock option a right to buy or sell a certain amount of stock in a company within a specific period of time at a specific price.
stockpile a supply of items accumulated and maintained for future use. [3 definitions]
stockroom a room for storing a stock of goods or materials.
stock-still completely still; absolutely motionless.
stocky thick, sturdy, and often short in stature; stout.
stockyard an enclosed lot for keeping livestock, usu. before they are slaughtered or shipped.
stodgy lacking imagination, liveliness, or interest; dull; colorless. [3 definitions]