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strep throat an infection of the throat accompanied by fever and pain, caused by streptococcal bacteria.
strepto- twisted chain.
streptococcus any of several round or oval bacteria that occur in pairs or chains, some of which cause disease or infection in humans and animals.
streptomycin an antibiotic produced from mold cultures of certain soil bacteria and used esp. to treat tuberculosis.
stress the importance or significance given to something; emphasis. [8 definitions]
stressed affected by emotional stress; feeling strain and anxiety caused by fear or pressure. [3 definitions]
stressed-out experiencing great anxiety, often caused by an unusual amount of pressure from work, school, or the demands of others.
stress fracture a hairline fracture, esp. in a leg or foot, that occurs as a result of repeated strenuous exercise and is a common ailment of professional runners, ballet dancers, and the like.
stressful characterized by or causing stress.
stressless combined form of stress.
stressor something that causes stress.
stress out to cause a great deal of tension and anxiety in (someone).
stretch to lengthen or extend (the body or limbs) to the full length. [19 definitions]
stretchable combined form of stretch.
stretch a point to exaggerate.
stretcher a litter, usu. consisting of canvas over a wooden frame, for the purpose of transporting injured, sick, or dying persons. [3 definitions]
stretchy capable of being stretched; elastic. [2 definitions]
streusel a topping of crumbly texture for coffeecake, sweet breads, or the like, made from flour, butter, sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes finely chopped nuts.
strew to scatter or sprinkle. [4 definitions]
stria a thin, narrow stripe, channel, or ridge, esp. one of several parallel marks or bands, as in certain muscles. [2 definitions]
striate to mark with striae or stripes; streak; furrow. [2 definitions]