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stroke oar the oar that is located nearest the stern of a racing shell. [2 definitions]
stroll to walk slowly and without a definite goal or purpose, as for exercise or pleasure. [3 definitions]
stroller one that takes a leisurely walk. [2 definitions]
stroma in anatomy, the supportive framework of an organ, typically consisting of connective tissue. [3 definitions]
stromal of or pertaining to stroma.
stromatolite a laminated rock with accumulated layers of prokaryotic bacteria, algae, and sediment found in shallow marine environments, contains the oldest fossils known today.
strong having or showing great physical power or strength. [13 definitions]
strong-arm using or threatening to use physical force or coercion. [2 definitions]
strongbox a box or container, usu. of steel, in which valuables can be kept and locked; safe.
stronghold a strongly fortified or defended place; fortress. [2 definitions]
strong interaction the strong force between subnuclear particles, operative in nuclear forces. (Cf. weak interaction.)
strongly with great certainty or passion.
strong-minded having a strong, determined mind or will; resolute.
strong-willed having a strong will; resolute; determined. [2 definitions]
strontium a highly reactive chemical element of the alkaline-earth group that has thirty-eight protons in each nucleus, that occurs naturally only in compounds, and that has highly toxic radioactive isotopes that are by-products of some types of nuclear fission reactions. (symbol: Sr)
strop a pliable strip, usu. of leather, on which a razor is sharpened. [2 definitions]
strophe the movement from right to left of the chorus in classical Greek drama, or the part of the choral ode sung during this movement. (Cf. antistrophe.) [2 definitions]
strove past tense of strive.
struck past tense and past participle of strike. [2 definitions]
structural of or pertaining to construction or structures. [2 definitions]
structural formula a diagram that represents the chemical structure of a substance, showing both its composition and the order of the bonds that connect its atoms.