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strove past tense of strive.
struck past tense and past participle of strike. [2 definitions]
structural of or pertaining to construction or structures. [2 definitions]
structural formula a diagram that represents the chemical structure of a substance, showing both its composition and the order of the bonds that connect its atoms.
structuralism a method of analysis involving the study of stable, structural elements, applied esp. in fields such as linguistics, anthropology, and psychology.
structuralize to include as part of a structure.
structural linguistics a method of studying a language in which it is analyzed as a network of formal systems composed of elements and their relationships, without regard to history or other languages.
structure a thing consisting of a number of elements joined together in a certain way. [6 definitions]
structureless combined form of structure.
strudel a pastry made of very thin sheets of dough baked in long rolls that are filled with fruit, nuts, cheese, or vegetables.
struggle to resist by flailing the limbs and writhing the body. [7 definitions]
strum to play (a stringed instrument) by running the fingers lightly across the strings. [4 definitions]
strumpet formerly, a harlot; whore.
strung past tense and past participle of string.
strung-out (slang) suffering from the effects of taking drugs or alcohol. [2 definitions]
strut1 to walk in a proud, vain, or cocky manner. [3 definitions]
strut2 a brace used to support a structure against pressures from the side.
struthious of or relating to an ostrich or similar bird.
strychnine a strongly poisonous white crystalline compound used to kill rodents and, in small doses, as a stimulant to the central nervous system.
Stuart a member of a Scottish and English royal family of the fourteenth through eighteenth centuries, or the name of the family itself.
stub a short projection or projecting part; stump. [6 definitions]