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suave polished and urbane.
sub (informal) shortend form of "submarine," a sea vessel that can travel under water. [5 definitions]
sub- under; below. [4 definitions]
subacid somewhat sour or acidic. [2 definitions]
subadolescent combined form of adolescent.
subagency combined form of agency.
subagent combined form of agent.
subaltern of a lower rank or position; subordinate or secondary. [2 definitions]
subantarctic of, designating, or characterizing the area immediately north of the Antarctic Circle.
subaqueous designed, formed, or adapted for life or use under water; underwater. [2 definitions]
subarctic of, designating, or characterizing the area immediately south of the Arctic Circle.
subarea combined form of area.
Subaru a Japanese automobile manufacturer or a car manufactured by this company.
subatom a constituent of an atom; atomic particle.
subatomic of or pertaining to particles contained within or processes occurring within an atom.
subaudible combined form of audible.
subaverage combined form of average.
subbasement a floor or story below the basement of a building.
subbasin combined form of basin.
subblock combined form of block.
subbranch any division of a branch or lesser branch, as of a business or bank.