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subcollegiate combined form of collegiate.
subcolony combined form of colony.
subcommission combined form of commission.
subcommittee a committee appointed or delegated, usu. for some limited or special purpose, from the membership of the main committee.
subcompact an automobile smaller in size than a compact.
subcomponent combined form of component.
subconscious designating those mental activities that are beyond one's awareness. [2 definitions]
subcontinent a large, partly separate land mass forming part of a continent.
subcontract a contract to supply a part of the goods or services necessary to carry out a prior contract made by another agent, as in building, manufacturing, and other industries. [2 definitions]
subcontractor an individual or company engaged by a contractor to fulfill some or all of the commitments made by that contractor.
subcordate combined form of cordate.
subcounty combined form of county.
subcritical in physics, pertaining to a value, quantity, or state of a radioactive material that is less than critical. [2 definitions]
subcult combined form of cult.
subculture a social group sharing certain fundamental traits that distinguish its members from the larger culture or society. [2 definitions]
subcurative combined form of curative.
subcutaneous situated or placed under the skin.
subdeacon a member of the clergy who ranks just below a deacon.
subdeb (informal) subdebutante.
subdebutante a girl who is not quite old enough to make her formal debut into society or who has not yet made that debut.
subdepartment combined form of department.