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subhuman less than human in evolutionary development.
subhumid combined form of humid.
subindex an index to a subdivision of a main or larger category. [2 definitions]
subindustry combined form of industry.
subinhibitory combined form of inhibitory.
subito abruptly; suddenly (used as a musical direction).
subj. abbreviation of "subject."
subjacent located or occurring below or underneath; underlying. [2 definitions]
subject the topic of what is said, written, studied, or the like. [14 definitions]
subjective formed or existing in a person's mind rather than in the world outside. [3 definitions]
subjectivism the quality or condition of being subjective. [2 definitions]
subjectless combined form of subject.
subject matter the core or substance of that which is being examined or discussed.
subjoin to join to the end of (something spoken or written); append.
sub judice (Latin) under consideration by a judge or court; awaiting judicial decision.
subjugate to win mastery over, as by military conquest; subdue; vanquish. [2 definitions]
subjunctive in grammar, denoting or pertaining to the mood of a verb that marks a statement or question as hypothetical, doubtful, or grammatically subordinate, such as "were" in "if I were you". [2 definitions]
subkingdom in taxonomy, a category indicating a primary subdivision of a plant or animal kingdom.
sublanguage combined form of language.
sublease a lease of a whole or part of a property, such as an apartment, that is granted by a person who is the lessee of that property. [2 definitions]
sublet to rent (one's property held by lease) to another. [3 definitions]