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subliminal being, pertaining to, or using stimuli below the threshold of conscious perception.
sublimity the state or quality of being sublime.
sublingual located or designed to be placed under the tongue or on the underside of the tongue.
subliteracy combined form of literacy.
subliterate combined form of literate.
sublunary characteristic of or pertaining to this world; earthly or mundane. [2 definitions]
submachine gun a lightweight short-barreled automatic or semiautomatic gun, using pistol ammunition, that is fired from the shoulder or hip.
submanager combined form of manager.
submarginal below the minimum requirement; unacceptable; substandard. [3 definitions]
submarine a seagoing vessel that can operate completely under water. [4 definitions]
submarine sandwich a large sandwich consisting of a long roll filled with a variable assortment of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments; hero sandwich.
submarket combined form of market.
submaxillary of, pertaining to, or below the lower jaw. [2 definitions]
submaximal combined form of maximal.
submenu combined form of menu.
submerge to put or plunge under water or other fluid. [3 definitions]
submerse to submerge.
submersible capable of being submerged or functioning while submerged. [2 definitions]
submicroscopic too small to be seen through an ordinary microscope.
subminiature smaller than miniature; extremely small. [3 definitions]
subminimal combined form of minimal.