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subproject combined form of project.
subproletariat combined form of proletariat.
subrational combined form of rational.
subrogate to substitute (one person) for another. [2 definitions]
sub rosa covertly, secretly, or confidentially; without public notice.
subroutine a set of computer instructions within a main program for performing a specific task.
sub-Saharan of or indicating that area of Africa that lies south of the Sahara.
subsample a portion taken from a larger or primary sampling. [2 definitions]
subsaturated combined form of saturated.
subsaturation combined form of saturation.
subscience combined form of science.
subscribe to pledge, pay, or contribute a sum of money for a specified purpose. [7 definitions]
subscript written or printed below. [2 definitions]
subscription a contract to receive a specified number of issues of a publication or tickets to a series of events, usu. paid for in advance. [3 definitions]
subsea combined form of sea.
subsecretary combined form of secretary.
subsection a subdivision of any of the sections of something, esp. a document or other written work.
subsector combined form of sector.
subsegment combined form of segment.
subseizure combined form of seizure.
subsense combined form of sense.