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subrogate to substitute (one person) for another. [2 definitions]
sub rosa covertly, secretly, or confidentially; without public notice.
subroutine a set of computer instructions within a main program for performing a specific task.
sub-Saharan of or indicating that area of Africa that lies south of the Sahara.
subsample a portion taken from a larger or primary sampling. [2 definitions]
subsaturated combined form of saturated.
subsaturation combined form of saturation.
subscience combined form of science.
subscribe to pledge, pay, or contribute a sum of money for a specified purpose. [7 definitions]
subscript written or printed below. [2 definitions]
subscription a contract to receive a specified number of issues of a publication or tickets to a series of events, usu. paid for in advance. [3 definitions]
subsea combined form of sea.
subsecretary combined form of secretary.
subsection a subdivision of any of the sections of something, esp. a document or other written work.
subsector combined form of sector.
subsegment combined form of segment.
subseizure combined form of seizure.
subsense combined form of sense.
subsentence combined form of sentence.
subsequent coming or happening after; following.
subsequently at a time following some prior time or event; afterwards.