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sugar-cured of meats, esp. ham, cured with a mixture of sugar, salt, and nitrate or nitrite.
sugar daddy (informal) a wealthy older man who lavishes money and expensive gifts on a usu. attractive young woman in return for companionship and intimacy.
sugar diabetes see diabetes mellitus.
sugar-free used to describe food products containing less than 0.5 grams per serving of sucrose or other forms of sugar.
sugarhouse a building or shed where maple sap is boiled down to make maple syrup and maple sugar.
sugarless combined form of sugar.
sugar loaf a hard cone-shaped mass of sugar.
sugar maple a maple tree of eastern North America whose hard wood is used for making cabinets and furniture and whose sweet sap is used to make maple syrup and maple sugar.
sugar pine a tall pine tree of the northwestern United States, having sugarlike resin, large cones, and soft, reddish brown wood used for timber.
sugarplum a small, flavored sugar candy, esp. in the shape of a ball.
sugary containing sugar, esp. a large amount of it. [3 definitions]
suggest to put forth for consideration; propose. [4 definitions]
suggestible easily influenced; impressionable.
suggestion the act of suggesting, or the state or fact of something being suggested. [6 definitions]
suggestive rich in implications; encouraging further thought. [4 definitions]
suicidal concerning, involving, or resembling suicide. [3 definitions]
suicide the act of killing oneself on purpose. [4 definitions]
sui generis (Latin) of a kind of one's own; without equal; unique.
sui juris competent to manage one's legal affairs.
suint the natural grease formed from dried perspiration in sheep's wool, used in the preparation of ointments and as a source for potash.
suit a set of clothes consisting of a jacket and trousers or a skirt, usu. made of the same material and color. [10 definitions]