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sully to make dirty or tarnished. [2 definitions]
sulphur variant of sulfur.
sulphur-bottom the blue whale.
sultan the ruler of an Islamic country. [2 definitions]
sultana the mother, sister, wife, or daughter of a sultan. [3 definitions]
sultanate the office or authority of a sultan. [2 definitions]
sultry uncomfortably hot and humid. [2 definitions]
sum the total number or quantity that results from adding two or more numbers or quantities. [6 definitions]
sum- under; secretly.
sumac any of several small trees or shrubs bearing compound feathery leaves and clusters of red or whitish berries. (See poison sumac.) [2 definitions]
Sumatra a large island of western Indonesia in the Indian Ocean.
Sumer a region of ancient civilizations in what is now southern Iraq.
Sumerian of or pertaining to Sumer or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
sumi a mixture of soot and glue, made in the form of sticks that are dipped in water and used in a Japanese style of calligraphy and painting.
summa cum laude used to indicate the highest of three kinds of academic honors.
summarize to restate in a concise form. [2 definitions]
summary a short and usu. comprehensive statement of what has been previously stated. [3 definitions]
summary court-martial a court-martial composed of a single officer, for the trial of minor offenses.
summation a review of previously stated material, often including a conclusion or conclusions. [2 definitions]
summer the season of the year between spring and autumn, in the northern hemisphere continuing from the June solstice to the September equinox. [8 definitions]
summerhouse a small building or structure, such as a gazebo, located in a park, garden, or the like and meant to provide shade, esp. during a summer day.