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sun god a personification of the sun, worshiped as a god. [2 definitions]
sunk a past tense and past participle of sink.
sunken a past participle of sink. [4 definitions]
sunlamp a lamp that produces ultraviolet light, used to get a suntan and in therapeutic treatments.
sunless lacking sunlight; dark. [2 definitions]
sunlight the light of the sun; sunshine.
sunlit full of sunlight.
Sunna the traditional body of Muslim law, based on the teachings and practices of Muhammad but not attributed directly to him, and followed by orthodox Muslims.
Sunni see Sunnite.
Sunnite a member of the main sect of Islam, believing in the Sunna as an authoritative supplement to the Koran, and accepting the first four caliphs as Muhammad's rightful successors; Sunni. (Cf. Shiite.)
sunny having much sunlight. [3 definitions]
sunny side the side of a physical object upon which the sun shines. [2 definitions]
sunny side up of an egg, fried on one side, with the yolk unbroken.
sun porch a porch with large windows designed to let in large amounts of sunlight.
sunproof resistant or impervious to sunlight.
sunrise the moment each day at which the sun first becomes visible above the eastern horizon. [2 definitions]
sunroof a sliding panel in the roof of an automobile that may be opened to let in light and air.
sunscald an injury to plants caused by excessive sunlight or heat, characterized by whitening or browning of the leaves, fruits, or flowers.
sunscreen a compound used in ointments, lotions, and the like to provide protection against the sun's rays and thus prevent sunburn.
sunset the moment each day when the sun disappears below the western horizon. [2 definitions]
sunshade a protective covering, such as a parasol, brimmed hat, or awning, that blocks the sun's rays.