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superefficient combined form of efficient.
superego in psychoanalysis, the part of the psyche that controls behavior by applying learned moral standards to one's impulses and desires.
superegoist combined form of egoist.
superelite combined form of elite.
supereminence combined form of eminence.
supereminent of superior rank or dignity; eminent above all others.
supereminently combined form of eminently.
supererogate to do more than what is required, expected, or demanded.
supererogation the act of doing more than what is expected, required, or demanded.
supererogatory beyond that which is required, expected, or demanded.
superette a small self-service grocery or convenience store.
superexpensive combined form of expensive.
superfamily a taxonomic category less extensive than a suborder but more extensive than a family.
superfarm combined form of farm.
superfecta a bet in horse racing in which a winner must pick the first four finishers, in order.
superficial of, pertaining to, or located on the surface. [5 definitions]
superficies an outer area or surface. [2 definitions]
superfine ground into unusually small particles. [2 definitions]
superfluidity the condition of liquid helium below 2.18 degrees Kelvin, characterized by frictionless flow and very high thermal conductivity.
superfluity the state or quality of being unnecessary or excessive. [3 definitions]
superfluous being beyond a sufficient amount; excessive. [2 definitions]