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superspy combined form of spy.
superstar a widely popular performer, as in sports, films, or rock music.
superstate a state having power over other states.
superstation an independent television station whose broadcasts are relayed by satellite to cable television systems beyond the local broadcast area.
superstition a belief that has no basis in fact. [4 definitions]
superstitious believing in or having superstitions. [3 definitions]
superstratum combined form of stratum.
superstrength combined form of strength.
superstrike combined form of strike.
superstrong combined form of strong.
superstructure a structure or part of a structure built upon something else, such as the part of a building above its foundation or the part of a ship above the main deck. [2 definitions]
supersubtle combined form of subtle.
supersubtlety combined form of subtlety.
supersurgeon combined form of surgeon.
supersweet combined form of sweet.
supersymmetry in physics, a theory postulating that each fundamental particle has a corresponding larger, partner particle.
supertanker combined form of tanker.
supertax see "surtax."
superterrific combined form of terrific.
superthick combined form of thick.
superthin combined form of thin.