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superstructure a structure or part of a structure built upon something else, such as the part of a building above its foundation or the part of a ship above the main deck. [2 definitions]
supersubtle combined form of subtle.
supersubtlety combined form of subtlety.
supersurgeon combined form of surgeon.
supersweet combined form of sweet.
supersymmetry in physics, a theory postulating that each fundamental particle has a corresponding larger, partner particle.
supertanker combined form of tanker.
supertax see "surtax."
superterrific combined form of terrific.
superthick combined form of thick.
superthin combined form of thin.
superthriller combined form of thriller.
supertight combined form of tight.
supertonic the second note of a diatonic scale, a whole step above the tonic.
supervene to take place later in the course of something as a change, interruption, or unexpected addition. [2 definitions]
supervirile combined form of virile.
supervirtuoso combined form of virtuoso.
supervise to direct or oversee (employees, machines, or the like) during an activity or performance of a task; superintend.
supervision the act or process of supervising.
supervisor a person who is in authority over other workers and who guides and disciplines them. [2 definitions]
supervisory pertaining to or having supervision.