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sur-2 instead of. [2 definitions]
surah a soft silk or rayon cloth in a twill pattern.
surcease the cessation or end of something.
surcharge an added charge; tax. [4 definitions]
surcingle a girth or belt that wraps around the body of a horse to secure a saddle, pack, or the like to its back.
surcoat a loose outer garment, esp. a coat. [2 definitions]
surd of a speech sound, voiceless. (Cf. sonant.) [2 definitions]
sure free of doubt as to the truth or reliability of something; certain; positive. [6 definitions]
sure-fire (informal) certain to be successful; foolproof.
sure-footed not liable to trip, stumble, or fall.
surely certainly; positively. [5 definitions]
sure thing (informal) something considered certain to happen, succeed, win, or the like. [2 definitions]
surety something that is certain or sure; certainty. [3 definitions]
surf ocean waves that break on the shore or other land barriers. [3 definitions]
surface the exterior boundary of something. [10 definitions]
surface-active designating a substance that is capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid to which it is added.
surface tension the force at the surface of a liquid that tends to cause contraction and thus makes the surface somewhat like a tightly stretched membrane.
surface-to-air of or denoting a missile or the like that is launched from the ground toward a target or destination in the air.
surface-to-surface of or denoting a missile or the like that is launched from the ground and travels through the air to a target or destination on land.
surfactant a substance that reduces the surface tension of a liquid, thereby allowing the liquid to spread more easily.
surfboard a long, narrow board on which a person kneels, stands, or lies while surfing.