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surgeon a medical doctor who specializes in surgery.
surgeon general the highest officer in the medical department of the U.S. Army, Navy, or Air Force. [2 definitions]
surgery the field of medicine that treats disease, physical complaints, and injury with medical operations. [6 definitions]
surgical of, involving, or used in surgery. [3 definitions]
Suriname a country in northeastern South America on the Atlantic between Guyana and French Guiana.
surly ill-tempered and rude; unfriendly.
surmise to infer without certain knowledge; suppose; guess. [3 definitions]
surmount to get over or past; overcome; conquer. [2 definitions]
surmountable combined form of surmount.
surname the name that distinguishes one as part of a particular family, as opposed to one's given name; family name; last name. [2 definitions]
surpass to go past or beyond in degree or quantity; be greater or larger than. [3 definitions]
surpassable combined form of surpass.
surpassing exceeding others in a particular quality or characteristic; exceptional.
surplice a white gown with full sleeves and a loose fit that is worn over a cassock by the clergy in some religious services.
surplus the quantity that exceeds what is needed or required; an extra amount. [3 definitions]
surplusage an excessive amount, esp. of speech or words. [2 definitions]
surplus value in Marxist theory, the difference between the value of the products of a worker's labor and the wage he or she receives, which constitutes the profit made by a capitalist owner of land, a factory, or the like.
surprise to act upon (someone or something) without warning; to catch unawares. [8 definitions]
surprised feeling or showing surprise.
surprising causing surprise or wonder; astonishing. [2 definitions]
surprisingly in a way or to a degree that surprises ;unexpectedly.