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surprising causing surprise or wonder; astonishing. [2 definitions]
surprisingly in a way or to a degree that surprises ;unexpectedly.
surreal of, like, involving, or typical of surrealism; surrealistic. [2 definitions]
surrealism (sometimes cap.) an artistic and literary movement of the twentieth century that attempts to depict the subconscious mind with dream imagery, fantastic juxtapositions, and other unusual effects.
surrender to turn over or yield to the power, control, or possession of another, esp. under compulsion. [5 definitions]
surreptitious made, performed, or achieved by stealth or in secret.
surrey a lightweight horse-drawn carriage with four wheels and two seats, each of which accommodates two people.
surrogacy the state or condition of being a surrogate. [3 definitions]
surrogate one that acts in another's place, esp. in an official capacity; substitute. [4 definitions]
surround to encompass by closing off all sides. [4 definitions]
surrounding (pl.) everything around one; all the things that form one's environment and may affect one. [4 definitions]
surroundings all the things around one; one's environment.
surtax an additional tax imposed on something that has already been taxed; extra tax. [3 definitions]
surtout a long, close-fitting overcoat often worn by men in the late nineteenth century.
surveil to keep under surveillance; keep a continuous watch over.
surveillance a close watch or observation, esp. of a person or group of people under suspicion.
surveillant carrying out a surveillance; observing carefully. [2 definitions]
survey the act of determining the shape, area, and elevation of a piece of land. [9 definitions]
surveying the act, profession, or scientific study of making land surveys.
surveyor a person engaged in surveying as a profession.
surveyor's level an instrument for measuring elevation, consisting of a tripod on which are mounted a horizontally revolving telescope and a spirit level.