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swami a title of respect given to a Hindu religious teacher, or the teacher addressed in this way. [2 definitions]
swamp a wet lowland area that is usu. covered with water; marsh; bog. [5 definitions]
swamp fever see malaria. [2 definitions]
swampland land in a swamp, or an area marked by swamps; marshland.
swampy of or like a swamp; marshy; spongy. [2 definitions]
swan any of various large aquatic birds that have very long necks, usu. white plumage, and webbed feet. [2 definitions]
swan dive a headfirst dive in which the legs are kept straight, the back is arched, and the arms are straight out to the sides before being brought overhead as the diver is about to enter the water.
swank (informal) stylishness or smartness in manner or appearance; elegance. [4 definitions]
swanky (informal) elegantly fashionable or smart; swank. [2 definitions]
swannery a place where swans are bred or enclosed.
swansdown the soft down of a swan, used esp. as a decorative trim or cosmetic puff. [2 definitions]
swan song the final action or appearance of someone or something.
swap to exchange or trade. [3 definitions]
swap meet a meeting or gathering at which items, esp. used or collectible ones, are bought, sold, or exchanged.
sward grassy land or turf, or a section of such land.
swarm1 a large number of insects moving together in a group. [7 definitions]
swarm2 to climb by grasping with the arms and legs.
swarth sward.
swarthy dark in color or complexion.
swash to splash, as moving water or something in water does. [9 definitions]
swashbuckler a swaggering adventurer, such as a pirate or swordsman.