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sweeten to cause to be sweet or sweeter, esp. in taste. [5 definitions]
sweetening a substance that sweetens food or beverages. [2 definitions]
sweet flag a marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots, and bearing tiny green flowers.
sweet gum a large North American tree having maplelike leaves and bearing prickly ball-shaped fruit. [3 definitions]
sweetheart one of a pair of people who are in love with each other. [4 definitions]
sweetheart contract an official agreement secretly negotiated between an employer and union leaders containing terms beneficial to management and detrimental to union members; sweetheart deal; sweetheart agreement.
sweetie (informal) sweetheart.
sweetish tending to be sweet; somewhat sweet.
sweet marjoram an annual herb with aromatic leaves that are often dried and used in cooking.
sweetmeat a highly sweetened food such as candy, candied fruits, or the like.
sweet nothings (informal) whispered, often nonsense words or phrases of affection, such as those exchanged by lovers.
sweet pea a climbing plant that is related to the pea and that bears fragrant, variously colored, butterfly-shaped flowers.
sweet pepper a type of red pepper plant that bears a large, mild, bell-shaped fruit; capsicum. [2 definitions]
sweet potato a tropical vine, native to parts of America, that bears purple flowers and has an edible orange root. [2 definitions]
sweet roll a round, sweetened bread made from rolled dough, served as a single portion, and eaten generally as a breakfast food. Sweet rolls may contain cinnamon, raisins, nuts, or other flavorings and may be topped with icing.
sweet-talk (informal) to use flattery or beguiling words in order to persuade; cajole.
sweet tooth (informal) a liking or craving for candy, cake, or other foods with a high sugar content.
sweet william a perennial plant, related to the pinks, that bears flat, thick clusters of variously colored flowers.
swell to increase in volume by inflation, absorption, internal pressure, growth, or the like; expand; distend. [18 definitions]
swelled head (informal) an extremely high opinion of oneself; conceit; vanity.
swelling the act or condition of something that is swelling or swollen. [2 definitions]