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symbolize to be a symbol of. [2 definitions]
symbology the study or explanation of symbols or symbolism. [2 definitions]
symmetric variant of "symmetrical."
symmetrical having a form, structure, effect, or parts such that there is an equal and corresponding distribution on each side of a central line or position; having symmetry.
symmetry a state in which parts on opposite sides of a plane, line, or point display the same size, form, or arrangement. [2 definitions]
sympathetic feeling, showing, or resulting from sympathy or understanding. [5 definitions]
sympathize to feel or express compassion or tenderness for another, esp. one suffering sorrow or difficulty; give condolences to (often fol. by "with"). [3 definitions]
sympathy kind understanding and concern felt for others because they are having difficulty, suffering, or are experiencing sadness, grief, anger, or the like. [6 definitions]
sympathy strike a strike by a group of workers to show support for or agreement with another body of workers who are striking.
sympatico variant of simpatico.
sympatric living in the same geographic area, used esp. in reference to closely related species or to different populations of a single species. [2 definitions]
sympatry existing in the same geographic area without interbreeding.
symphonic of or pertaining to a musical symphony, or to a symphony orchestra. [2 definitions]
symphonic poem a composition for a symphony orchestra, usu. in one movement, that is evocative of a story, idea, scene in nature, or other nonmusical theme.
symphony a musical composition for orchestra, usu. having three or four movements and similar in form to a sonata. [4 definitions]
symphony orchestra a large group of instrumentalists, including string, woodwind, brass, and percussion sections, that performs symphonic compositions.
symphysis the fusing or growing together of bones such that an abnormal union is formed. [2 definitions]
symposiast one who takes part in a symposium.
symposium a conference or meeting on a single topic, usu. involving several speakers. [3 definitions]
symptom an indication or sign of something. [2 definitions]
symptomatic showing the symptoms of a disease. [2 definitions]