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taco a Mexican dish consisting of a folded tortilla with a filling, as of meat or cheese.
taconite a fine-grained sedimentary rock with enough iron content to be used as low-grade iron ore.
tact graceful sensitivity in dealing with others; diplomacy.
tactful having or displaying tact.
tactic a plan or method for achieving a goal; maneuver.
tactical of or relating to tactics. [2 definitions]
tactician one skilled in using or devising tactics.
tactics (usu. used with a sing. verb) the science of maneuvering military forces against an enemy. [3 definitions]
tactile of, having, or pertaining to the sense of touch. [2 definitions]
tactless having or displaying no tact.
tactual of, relating to, or caused by the sense of touch.
tad a small boy. [2 definitions]
tadpole the larva of a frog or toad at the stage when it lives in water and has gills and a tail.
taedium vitae tedium of life (Latin); a feeling that life is wearisome and dull.
tae kwon do a form of Korean karate.
tael any of various units of weight of eastern Asia, often about 1.333 ounces.
taffeta a crisp shiny fabric made of various materials such as silk, nylon, or rayon.
taffrail the rail around the stern of a vessel.
taffy a chewy candy made of molasses or sugar that is boiled and then pulled until it holds its shape.
tag1 a piece of cardboard, thin metal, cloth, or other material that identifies, labels, or gives information about the thing to which it is attached. [9 definitions]
tag2 a children's game in which one player chases the others until he or she touches one of them, who then becomes the pursuer. [4 definitions]