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Tahiti an island in French Polynesia in the southern Pacific Ocean.
tai chi a Chinese system of slow and methodical physical exercises, developed as a method of self-defense, and as an aid to meditation.
taiga the strip of subarctic evergreen forest that covers much of the northern parts of North America, Europe, and Asia.
taiko a Japanese drum, often large and barrel-shaped. [2 definitions]
tail an animal's rearmost part, usu. an appendage and extension of the spinal column, that projects from the rear of the trunk. [13 definitions]
tailbone the coccyx.
tailed having a tail of a certain kind (usu. used in combination).
tail end the very last part of anything; tag end; conclusion. (See rear end.)
tailgate a hinged panel or board at the rear of a truck, station wagon, or wagon that can be let down for loading or unloading. [2 definitions]
tailing (pl.) waste from the process of mining, milling, or the like. [2 definitions]
tailless combined form of tail.
taillight a usu. red warning light at the rear of a vehicle.
tailor one who makes, alters, or repairs clothing, esp. men's suits and coats. [4 definitions]
tailorbird any of several tropical warblers that use plant strands to stitch together leaves as a camouflage for their nests.
tailored made, or as if made, by a tailor. [2 definitions]
tailor-made made by a tailor, or custom-made. [2 definitions]
tailpiece a piece or part positioned at the end of something. [3 definitions]
tailpipe the pipe, usu. at the end of a vehicle, through which exhaust fumes from the engine are channeled, as in a car or jet.
tailrace the lower part of the channel through which water leaves a water wheel. [2 definitions]
tailspin the action of a falling, spinning aircraft, characterized by a fast spiraling of the tail. [2 definitions]
tailstock on a lathe or grinder, the adjustable piece that contains the dead center and helps hold the work.