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take place to happen.
take root to send out new roots; begin to grow or become fixed in the ground. [2 definitions]
take shape to come to have a more complete or definite form.
take (someone) down a peg to make humbler.
take (someone's) part to join with or support someone.
take stock in to consider important or believable.
take the bull by the horns to confront a formidable problem in a direct manner in spite of fear.
take the cake be exceptional; outdo others, often in some undesirable characteristic.
take the pledge to vow to abstain from alcoholic beverages.
take the plunge to take bold action, esp. after a period of doubt.
take the rap (slang) to receive blame or punishment.
take time to require a substantial amount of time to do something or for something to happen. [2 definitions]
take to heart to regard seriously or with concern.
take to task to reprimand; rebuke; censure.
take turns to do one after the other, in order; alternate.
take up to fill or use (space or time), sometimes in a way that is considered wasteful.
take up the gauntlet to agree to a challenge, esp. to a fight.
take vows to formally enter a religious order.
taking the act of one that takes, or the condition of being taken. [4 definitions]
tala the chief monetary unit of Western Samoa, equaling one hundred sene.
Talavera a type of Mexican pottery introduced from Talavera de la Reina, Spain in the sixteenth century, distinguished by its ornate decoration with richly colored glazes.