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tarp (informal) a tarpaulin.
tar paper a thick heavy paper saturated or coated with tar, used as a waterproof underlay in roofing and for other building purposes.
tarpaulin a large sheet of plastic, waterproofed canvas, or other material used to cover and protect something, usu. from rain or snow.
tarpon a big silvery game fish with very large scales, found in the warmer parts of the Atlantic Ocean.
tarragon an aromatic herb with fragrant leaves used for seasoning.
tarred with the same brush guilty, or considered to be so, of the faults or shortcomings of another.
tarry1 to delay or postpone starting or acting; linger. [2 definitions]
tarry2 of or resembling tar. [2 definitions]
tarsal of, near, or having to do with the tarsus of the foot or the tarsus of the eyelid. [2 definitions]
tarsier any of several small, tree-dwelling primates of the Philippines and East Indies that are active at night and have a long thin tail and very large round eyes.
tarsus the group of seven bones of which the human ankle is composed. [4 definitions]
tart1 sour or acid in taste; sharp; biting. [2 definitions]
tart2 a shallow, baked pastry shell with a sweet or savory filling, usu. having no top crust. [2 definitions]
tartan1 woolen plaid cloth woven in a design of straight lines of varying widths and different colors that cross at right angles, worn esp. by clans of Scottish Highlanders. [3 definitions]
tartan2 a small single-masted sailing vessel used in the Mediterranean.
Tartar a member of any of the various peoples, esp. Mongolian and Turkish, who conquered much of Asia and eastern Europe during the Middle Ages, or a descendant thereof. [4 definitions]
tartar a hard, yellow-brown deposit on the teeth, composed of saliva proteins, food particles, and various salts. [2 definitions]
tartar emetic a poisonous saltlike powder used to fix dye and medicinally to cause expectoration, vomiting, and perspiring.
tartaric of, pertaining to, or obtained from tartar or tartaric acid.
tartaric acid any of several crystalline organic compounds, most often in a white powder form and used in baking powders, cream of tartar, and tanning.
tartar sauce a sauce of mayonnaise with chopped pickles, olives, and onions, eaten esp. with fish.