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tartar sauce a sauce of mayonnaise with chopped pickles, olives, and onions, eaten esp. with fish.
tartar steak raw ground beefsteak mixed with raw egg and seasonings and served with a garnish of parsley or capers; steak tartare.
tartrate a salt or ester of tartaric acid.
Tarzan the title character and protagonist of a series of twentieth-century jungle adventure stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs. [2 definitions]
Tashkent the capital of Uzbekistan.
task a specific item of work assigned to one; duty. [4 definitions]
task force a temporary group of military personnel formed to accomplish a specific mission. [2 definitions]
taskmaster a person, often strict or demanding, who assigns or rigorously supervises the tasks or jobs of others.
Tasmania an island and state of Australia off the southeastern coast.
Tasmanian devil a small, burrowing, ferocious carnivorous mammal native to Tasmania.
tassel a pendant ornament made of a bunch of threads or cords of equal length that are tied together at one end and hang free at the other. [4 definitions]
taste to experience or evaluate the flavor of by putting into the mouth. [14 definitions]
taste bud any of the oval or rounded cell structures on the surface of the tongue that form the sense organ of taste.
tasteful demonstrating good taste. [2 definitions]
tasteless having little or no taste or flavor; insipid. [2 definitions]
taster one whose job is to taste food or drink to determine its quality. [3 definitions]
tasty having a pleasing, agreeable flavor; delicious.
tat to make looped and knotted lace with a small hand shuttle.
tatami in Japan, a traditional matlike floor covering of woven rice straw.
Tatar a modern descendant of the Tartars, living chiefly in European Russia, east of Moscow. [4 definitions]
tatter a torn and hanging part, shred, or piece, as of a garment or flag. [4 definitions]