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T-bar a metal bar or beam with a cross section resembling a T. [2 definitions]
Tbilisi the capital of European Georgia.
T-bill abbreviation of "Treasury bill."
T-bone steak a cut of tenderloin meat characterized by its T-shaped bone.
tbs. abbreviation of "tablespoon" or "tablespoons."
Tc symbol of the chemical element technetium.
T cell a lymphocyte affected by the thymus that acts as a defense against certain intracellular pathogens.
TD abbreviation of "touchdown."
Te symbol of the chemical element tellurium.
tea an evergreen bush that bears white flowers and that grows primarily in China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka. [7 definitions]
tea bag a small porous bag that holds approximately one teaspoonful of tea, usu. used to make an individual serving of hot tea.
tea ball a hollow, perforated metal ball in which tea leaves are placed to be immersed and steeped in boiling water.
teaberry a low-growing plant common to North America that bears pink flowers and spicy red berries; wintergreen. [2 definitions]
teacake a small, usu. sweetened cake, roll, or tart.
teach to instruct by imparting knowledge or advice to. [7 definitions]
teachable receptive to instruction or training. [2 definitions]
teacher one who teaches, esp. as an occupation.
teach-in a period of uninterrupted lectures, speeches, and the like, conducted at a college or university by faculty members and others, often as a protest.
teaching the activity or occupation of one who teaches. [3 definitions]
teaching fellow a graduate student at a university who performs certain teaching duties in exchange for financial aid.
teaching machine a mechanical device used for programmed instruction, providing the user with an immediate response to his or her work.