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technetronic relating to or marked by the use of technology and electronics to solve social, political, or economic problems.
technic (pl., but used with a sing. or pl. verb) the principles, methods, or study of an art or process. [3 definitions]
technical of or relating to technique. [5 definitions]
technical foul in certain team sports, esp. basketball, a foul called on a participant for misconduct occurring outside active play. (Cf. personal foul.)
technicality the state or quality of being technical. [2 definitions]
technical knockout in boxing, a victory won as a result of the opponent being so badly hurt that the referee declares the match over; TKO. (See knockout.)
technically only according to the facts or to the exact meaning of words or rules.
technical sergeant an officer in the U.S. Air Force ranking above a staff sergeant and below a master sergeant.
technician a person whose work requires certain technical skills. [2 definitions]
Technicolor trademark for a process of producing color in motion pictures.
technique the specific method of doing or performing something. [2 definitions]
techno- technical. [2 definitions]
technocracy a theoretical system in which the research of scientists and technicians controls the economic and social decisions of a society. [2 definitions]
technography the study of the history and geographic distribution of arts, crafts, and sciences.
technological of or relating to technology. [2 definitions]
technology a field of knowledge concerned with the use of industrial arts and applied science to achieve practical objectives, or the various inventions and means of solving problems that result from research in this field. [2 definitions]
tectonic of or pertaining to changes in the earth's crust. [2 definitions]
tectonic plate any of the several segments of the Earth's crust that move in relation to one another causing such phenomena as continental drift and volcanic eruptions.
tectonics (used with a sing. verb) the study of structural geology. [2 definitions]
ted to spread out or scatter (freshly cut grass) for drying.
teddy a woman's short one-piece undergarment, consisting of panties with a chemise top.