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teller someone or something that tells. [3 definitions]
tellin' present participle of "tell" spelled in a way that reflects rapid, informal, or dialectical speech.
telling having a noticeable or striking effect. [2 definitions]
tell on to reveal the bad behavior of (someone) to a person in authority. [2 definitions]
telltale a person who reveals confidential matters about others; tattler; informer. [3 definitions]
tell time to comprehend the information given by a clock, esp. an analog clock.
tellurian characteristic of or pertaining to the earth or its inhabitants; terrestrial. [3 definitions]
tellurium a chemical element that has fifty-two protons in each nucleus and that is usu. found in compounds, but that can be isolated as a toxic, brittle, silver-white crystal sometimes used in alloys with lead, copper, or iron to increase hardness and machinability. (symbol: Te)
telo- a variant of tele1, tele2.
telpher a cable car suspended from, and run on, overhead electrical wires. [2 definitions]
Telugu a member of a people who live in Andhra Pradesh, India. [3 definitions]
tembleque (Spanish) a fit of trembling, such as that caused by delirium tremens. [2 definitions]
temblor a trembling of the earth; earthquake.
temerity reckless or foolish boldness; rash disregard of danger.
temp.1 abbreviation of "temperature."
temp.2 abbreviation of "temporary."
tempeh an Indonesian food that is high in protein, made of fermented soybeans.
temper a habitual state of mind or manner of feeling. [11 definitions]
tempera a painting medium using pigments mixed with a glutinous substance such as egg yolk, glue, or gum. [2 definitions]
temperable combined form of temper.
temperament the manner of thinking, feeling, and acting that is characteristic of a particular person or animal. [2 definitions]