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teratology the scientific study of biological deformities or monstrosities.
terbium a rare-earth chemical element that has sixty-five protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a soft silvery metal. (symbol: Tb)
terce the third of the seven canonical hours; tierce.
tercel in falconry, a male hawk, esp. a peregrine or gyrfalcon.
tercentenary of or relating to a period of three hundred years or to a three hundredth anniversary. [2 definitions]
tercet a group of three lines in poetry that rhyme, or that are connected by rhyme with an adjacent triplet of lines. [2 definitions]
terebinth a small tree common to the Mediterranean region that produces a turpentine resin.
tergiversate to cause doubt or be intentionally ambiguous; equivocate. [2 definitions]
teriyaki a Japanese dish consisting of meat or fish that is marinated in seasoned soy sauce and grilled or broiled.
term a word or phrase that names something, esp. in a particular field. [7 definitions]
termagant a woman who loudly and persistently scolds, nags, or quarrels; shrew. [2 definitions]
termer a person serving a specified amount of time, usu. in prison (usu. used in combination).
terminable that can be terminated. [2 definitions]
terminal of, relating to, located at, or forming the end, limit, or boundary of something. [11 definitions]
terminal velocity the highest speed reached by a falling object, when the forces of gravity and air resistance are in equilibrium.
terminate to bring to an end; put a stop to. [6 definitions]
termination the act or an instance of ending, or the fact or condition of being ended. [3 definitions]
terminator one that ends or terminates. [2 definitions]
terminology the specialized vocabulary and expressions used in a particular field or subject; nomenclature. [2 definitions]
terminus the end or final point of something. [4 definitions]
terminus ad quem (Latin) a destination, limit, final point, or the like.