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theatrical of or relating to dramatic performance or the theater. [3 definitions]
theatrics (used with a sing. verb) the method and art of staging theatrical productions. [2 definitions]
thebe the smaller monetary unit of Botswana. (Cf. pula.)
The Beatles an English rock group from 1962 to 1970 that achieved an unprecedented level of popularity and has sold over one billion records.
the bends (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a serious, sometimes fatal condition of divers who ascend too rapidly, resulting from the formation of nitrogen bubbles in the bloodstream; decompression sickness.
the blue the sky. [3 definitions]
theca in biology, a case, covering, or sac that encloses an organ, part, or entire organism, such as the horny covering of an insect pupa or the spore case of a moss capsule.
The Canterbury Tales an unfinished series of stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the fourteenth century.
the chase hunting, esp. as a sport or profession. [2 definitions]
the die is cast a decision has been made and will not be reversed.
thee the objective case of thou (used chiefly in earlier literature and religious writing); you.
the few the minority of people, or the elite group within a group.
theft the act or an instance of stealing; thievery.
The Gambia a West African country on the Atlantic coast, surrounded by Senegal. [2 definitions]
the goods (informal) evidence of wrongdoing.
the gory details (informal) all the details, esp. unpleasant or sensational ones.
The Hague the seat of government and site of the monarch's residence in the Netherlands. (Cf. Amsterdam.)
The Iliad an ancient Greek epic poem attributed to Homer that narrates the ten-year siege of Troy by the Greeks.
theine caffeine.
their a possessive form of they; of or belonging to those ones already mentioned. [2 definitions]
theirs that or those belonging to or connected with the people or things already mentioned.