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theropod any dinosaur of the suborder Theropoda, such as Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor, characterized by hollow bones and three-toed limbs, usually possessing short forelimbs and walking on two legs.
Theropoda a suborder of dinosaur characterized by hollow bones and three-toed limbs.
the same in the same manner or way.
thesaurus a dictionary of words grouped as synonyms or antonyms. [2 definitions]
these pl. of this.
Theseus king of Athens who, according to Greek mythology, slew the Minotaur and, with the help of Ariadne, found his way out of the Labyrinth.
the short haul a relatively short or long distance. [2 definitions]
thesis a statement or proposition put forward and supported by proof or argument. [4 definitions]
Thespian (often l.c.) of or pertaining to the drama or acting; dramatic. [2 definitions]
Thessalonians either of two books of the New Testament, consisting of letters written by the apostle Paul to the Christians of Thessalonica.
the straw that broke the camel's back the final, decisive defeat, failure, indignity, burden, or the like that causes collapse, exhaustion, the losing of one's temper, or the like.
theta the name of the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet.
The Thousand and One Nights see Arabian Nights.
thews muscles, sinews, or physical strength.
they those people, animals, or things being pointed to. [5 definitions]
they'd contracted form of "they had". ; contracted form of "they would".
they'll contracted form of "they will".
they're contracted form of "they are".
they've contracted form of "they have".
thiamine a white, crystalline member of the vitamin B complex, found in many foods, esp. whole grains, required in human nutrition for metabolism; vitamin B1.
thiazine any of several chemical compounds whose molecules contain a ring of one atom each of sulfur and nitrogen and four carbon atoms.