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thud a muffled sound of impact. [3 definitions]
thug a criminal or ruffian, esp. one who uses physical force or violence; hoodlum.
thulium a rare-earth chemical element that has sixty-nine protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a malleable solid metal. (symbol: Tm)
thumb the short, thick first or inmost finger on humans and other primates that is opposed to the other four fingers and thus permits the hand to grasp and pick up objects. [5 definitions]
thumb index a series of labeled notches cut into the forward edge of a book, indicating and making it easy to turn to the separate sections, as in a dictionary.
thumbnail the fingernail on the thumb. [2 definitions]
thumb one's nose to place the thumb to the nose, with the other fingers extended, as a sign of scorn or defiance. [2 definitions]
thumbprint an impression or print made by the pad of the thumb.
thumbscrew a screw designed to be turned by the thumb and forefinger. [2 definitions]
thumbs-down a gesture or indication of disapproval or disagreement.
thumbstall a protective sheath for the thumb.
thumbs-up an expression or gesture of approval, assurance, or agreement.
thumbtack a large-headed tack that can be pressed into place with a thumb, as into wood or cork. [2 definitions]
thump a heavy dull sound of impact, as made by a blunt instrument striking or a large object falling. [7 definitions]
thumping of, pertaining to, designating, or like a thump. [2 definitions]
thunder the loud explosive noise or low distant rumble produced by the rapid expansion of gases along the path of a lightning discharge. [7 definitions]
thunderbird in the mythology of some North American Indians, a giant bird that causes lightning, thunder, and rain.
thunderbolt a bolt of lightning accompanied by thunder. [2 definitions]
thunderclap a single loud clap of thunder, or a similar sound.
thundercloud a large dark storm cloud charged with electricity that produces lightning and thunder; cumulonimbus. [2 definitions]
thunderhead the enlarged, rounded, upper portion of a thundercloud that is the sign of a coming storm.