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tike variant of tyke.
tiki (cap.) in Polynesian mythology, the first man, or the god that created him. [2 definitions]
tilak a religious mark, usu. of colored sandalwood paste, worn on the forehead by Hindus.
tilbury a light, topless, two-wheeled, two-passenger carriage of the early nineteenth century.
tilde a diacritical mark (), placed over an "n" in Spanish to indicate a palatal nasal sound, or over a vowel in Portuguese to indicate nasalization.
tile a flat or shaped piece of baked and usu. glazed clay, or similar material, used as roofing, for walls, and as floor covering, or for various other purposes. [6 definitions]
tilefish any of several brightly colored marine food fishes, esp. an Atlantic species having a blue or purple body with gold spots and a fleshy crest on the head.
tiling the process of laying or covering with tiles. [3 definitions]
till1 until. [3 definitions]
till2 to prepare (land) for growing crops, esp. by plowing. [2 definitions]
till3 a drawer or small container for money or valuables.
tillable capable of being tilled.
tillage the cultivation of soil. [2 definitions]
tiller1 one who tills land; farmer.
tiller2 a lever that is attached to a rudder and used to steer a boat.
tiller3 a sprout or shoot that grows from the base of a plant. [2 definitions]
Tilsit a mild to sharp semihard cheese made from cow's milk and having many small holes.
tilt to place or turn on an incline or at a slant. [7 definitions]
tiltable combined form of tilt.
tilt at windmills1 to battle against imaginary enemies or offenses.
tilt at windmills2 to fight imaginary foes or evils.