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tone control on an amplifier, a manually controlled device that regulates the intensity of high and low frequencies.
tone-deaf unable to distinguish differences in musical pitch.
tone down to make less harsh, loud, or bright; soften.
tone language a language, such as Chinese, Swedish, or Bantu, in which the pitch or tone contour of a word helps to distinguish its meaning from that of another word that otherwise sounds like it; tonal language.
toneless combined form of tone.
tone poem see symphonic poem.
tone row a series of tones, arranged in an arbitrary order with no duplications, used in serial music; twelve-tone series.
tong1 to use tongs on, as in lifting or handling. [2 definitions]
tong2 a Chinese society, political organization, or the like. [2 definitions]
Tonga an island country in the southwestern Pacific, east of Fiji.
Tongan a native or inhabitant of Tonga, or a descendant thereof. [2 definitions]
tongs (usu. used with a pl. verb) any of various hand-held instruments consisting of two arms that are hinged or otherwise joined, and used to grasp small objects.
tongue the fleshy, movable organ in the bottom of the mouth, used for licking, tasting, swallowing, and human speech. [10 definitions]
tongue-and-groove joint a carpentry joint in which a projection on one board is fitted into a matching groove on the next.
-tongued having a tongue or manner of speaking of (such) a kind.
tongue-in-cheek meant in jest or irony.
tongue-lash (informal) to scold or criticize harshly.
tongue-lashing (informal) a harsh scolding.
tongueless combined form of tongue.
tongue-tie a speech impediment caused by restriction of tongue movement by an abnormally short frenum. [2 definitions]
tongue-tied unable to speak, as from embarrassment, bewilderment, or the like. [2 definitions]