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touchhole the vent in early guns and cannons through which the charge was ignited.
touching arousing feelings of sympathy or tenderness; moving. [3 definitions]
touchline in rugby or soccer, either of the sidelines of the playing field.
touch-me-not the jewelweed.
touchpad a device, as on portable computers, consisting of a flat, touch-sensitive surface that is used to position a pointer on a computer screen. Moving one's finger or stylus against the surface of the device allows the movement and placement of the pointer.
touch screen a touch-sensitive display screen on a computer that enables the user to interact with the computer.
touchstone a test or standard by which to evaluate the worth of something. [2 definitions]
touch system a method of typing without having to look at the keyboard, each finger being trained to touch one or more specific keys.
touch-type to type by the touch system, in which the typist is trained to use specific fingers to hit specific groups of contiguous keys without looking at the keyboard.
touchwood dried, rotted wood that is easily ignited, usu. because it has been acted upon by certain fungi; tinder; punk.
touchy easily irritated or offended; sensitive. [2 definitions]
tough hard to break; durable. [10 definitions]
toughen to make, be, or become tough or tougher.
toughie (informal) one who is tough or aggressive. [2 definitions]
tough it out (informal) to endure hardship stoically.
tough-minded not sentimental, timid, or easily swayed; shrewdly practical.
toujours (French) at all times or forever; always.
toupee a man's wig or hairpiece, often used to cover a bald spot.
tour to journey through. [6 definitions]
tourbillion rapidly rotating air or water; whirlwind or whirlpool. [2 definitions]
tour de force an exceptionally skillful or ingenious creation, performance, or production; outstanding display of skill.