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tough it out (informal) to endure hardship stoically.
tough-minded not sentimental, timid, or easily swayed; shrewdly practical.
toujours (French) at all times or forever; always.
toupee a man's wig or hairpiece, often used to cover a bald spot.
tour to journey through. [6 definitions]
tourbillion rapidly rotating air or water; whirlwind or whirlpool. [2 definitions]
tour de force an exceptionally skillful or ingenious creation, performance, or production; outstanding display of skill.
Tour de France an annual long-distance bicycle race held in France, in which professional cyclists cover approximately 3,000 miles over three weeks.
touring car an early, open automobile, usu. with a folding top, that seated five or more passengers.
tourism the act of traveling from place to place, esp. for pleasure. [2 definitions]
tourist one who travels for pleasure or recreation.
tourist court a motel.
tourist home a private home in which a tourist can rent a bedroom, usu. sharing a bathroom with others.
tourist trap a shop, restaurant, nightclub, or the like that charges high prices to tourists.
touristy of, pertaining to, or appealing only to tourists.
tourmaline a complex silicate mineral containing several elements, most importantly boron and aluminum, used in electronic instruments and, in its colorful and transparent varieties, as a gemstone.
tournament a contest of skill including a series of games in which losing contestants are eliminated. [2 definitions]
tournedos a small round fillet of beef cut from the tenderloin, often cooked with a strip of bacon around it.
tourney a tournament.
tourniquet any device that uses pressure to stop the flow of blood, usu. through the arteries of an arm or leg, as after a serious injury.
tousle to rumple or dishevel (the hair) by rough, often playful, handling. [3 definitions]